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Make Working From Home Work for You

Although the recent pandemic resulted in lost lives, increased poverty, and ongoing supply chain issues, increased telecommuting is the silver lining. According to the Brookings Institution, CFOs have discovered the cost savings of remote workers, and approximately 20% say they'll continue to offer telecommuting. If you're one of the workers benefiting from this new reality, it's time to overhaul your home office. To help, local real estate expert Juliet Orris shares the following tips.

Redesign Your Current Workspace

Remember that your workspace should be dedicated to your job. First, because to write it off on your taxes, you have to be able to accurately measure the workspace compared to your total home square footage. As ZenBusiness reminds, besides tax considerations, a dedicated workspace separates your business and personal time, helping you focus on work during work hours and leave it behind when the day is done. Take the time to make the space your own with warm lighting and well-organized storage. Find an ergonomic chair or ask your office if they can send you one.

Invest in a Home Renovation

Especially with modern open floor plans, you might find yourself without a private space for an office; in that case, consider a home renovation. It's a big investment, but once you've made the shift to remote work, you'll be doing it for years to come, so make sure you can do it right. If you have the space, an addition can be exactly what you want.

On the other hand, if you need to stay in your existing footprint, look at how you can repurpose unused space like the basement or attic. Formal rooms like a dining room or sitting room that see little use are also good spaces for conversion. Existing outbuildings are also potential offices. A shed or barn probably needs some important upgrades for your comfort. Install insulation and a larger electrical panel for a new HVAC unit. Run your Wi-Fi connection and install windows for better natural lighting.

Move to a New Home

If a renovation seems like too much work, you could move to a completely new home. When you work remotely 100% of the time, you're no longer tied to location. If you've always dreamed of moving to the mountains or the beach, you don't have to wait for retirement. Always check with your employer before making the leap, though.

With the current housing shortage, it's a seller's market. Some buyers are bidding on a home sight unseen and agreeing to buy it "as-is" with no home inspection. When you buy a house as-is, you should be prepared to spend more to deal with issues like a leaky roof, plumbing problems, a sinking foundation, or termite damage. Ultimately, your agent Juliet Orris can help you make the best decision, but it’s wise to keep this in mind so you don’t overextend yourself.

Regardless of whether you buy a newer home or a fixer-upper, it's imperative to see the house and have a professional inspection done. None of the potential issues have to be deal-breakers, but you need to know what the issues are and budget for them. Look at how long a home has been on the market. If it has been for sale longer than the average home, it could be a red flag that the home needs expensive repairs.

Working from home is all about creating a balance between your personal life and business persona. A well-designed office helps you maintain that balance. Invest in making your home office exceptional, and the longest part of your commute will be waiting for the coffeemaker in the morning.

Real estate professional Juliet Orris can help you find the perfect home for your growing home-based business. Get in touch today at (602)525-4760.

By: Sharon Wagner of

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